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Volunteer English Program Annual Fund

The Volunteer English Program strives to eliminate the barriers to instruction, such as native literacy, time, income, transportation, or residency status- many of which are often typical of the immigrant experience.

The program proactively responds to surges in student requests as a result of global events and migration. This past year VEP and volunteer tutors supported 280 students, dedicating close to 10,000 hours toward English language instruction. Consistently, 100 individuals, our neighbors, co-workers, and friends, patiently wait for months until they are matched with their tutor.

Weekly, goal-centered instruction leads to students’ improved job readiness skills, access to higher education levels, the ability to navigate medical and educational services for their children, and enhanced personal safety and well-being for themselves and their families.   

VEP is approaching its 38th year of continuous community service. It has proven successful for thousands of adult learners. Together with you, we are at the forefront of welcoming many more.

Your gift to the VEP Annual Fund directly impacts all that we do toward changing lives. 

Thank you!

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