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VEP Book Fund

The Volunteer English Program in Chester County (VEP) provides English language tutoring for non-native adults living or working within our Chester County communities. They seek to improve their English language skills, their American cultural understanding, and their ability to participate more fully in social activities. Adults who wish to learn are supported by volunteer tutors who meet through one-to-one and small group instruction twelve hours every week for a minimum of a one year commitment. VEP serves close to 250 adult students from 50 countries and speak 37 different languages.

When a tutor and student begin working together, VEP provides both with a set of books, free of charge. The books are carefully reviewed by professional program staff and assigned based on the student’s current language proficiency. The financial impact on adults who are unemployed or underemployed due to the transition to this country if they were to purchase the books would be over $50 for each companion set. The cost to VEP to support all pairs is rising and will be close to $7,000 this year alone. This includes supporting active pairs who advance quickly and require additional resources.

Would you consider supporting our friends, neighbors, co-workers and community members by providing essential instructional materials?

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