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VEP Tutor Portal Help

Frequently Asked Questions

Portal Access and Devices:
1. Do I need internet access to use the Tutor Portal? Yes, the Tutor Portal is a web-based application therefore you must have internet access to use it. 

2. What if I don’t remember my password? Tutors who were active before we started using the Tutor Portal will use the same username and password for the portal that they used to access the  old Tutor Update Form. If you don’t remember your password, request a new one by clicking on the Request new password link on the portal login screen.  If you don’t remember your username, try your email address.  If you have multiple email addresses, you may need to try more than one to find the one the portal recognizes. If that doesn’t work, contact VEP.

3. Do I have to log out every time? No, you can exit the app without logging out, so the next time you access the app you’re already logged in. If you’re going to stay logged into any apps on your device, it’s generally good practice to keep your device locked and password protected when not in use.

4. Will I still be able to enter my tutor hours the old way? No. Once we started using the Tutor Portal access to the old Tutor Update Form was disabled.

5. What devices/browsers are supported? Testing was conducted on a variety of commonly used devices. These included assorted makes and models of smartphones, notebooks, tablets, and laptops running different browsers and different operating systems. The only failures were observed when running on a Windows device using IE 9. Microsoft has discontinued support for all versions of IE earlier than IE 11. Consequently, the portal will not support them either.

6. What are some of the most commonly observed differences between devices?
   a. Drop down lists behave differently on various devices, particularly iPhones. On iPhones the list appears at the bottom of your screen. Scroll to the option you want to select then click the Done button.
   b. Back buttons, while located in different places, exist on most devices and can be used to return to previous screens in any app, including the Tutor Portal. For ease of use and consistent behavior we recommend you use the Home, Save/Submit and Cancel buttons when navigating within the portal app.

Saving and changing data in the Tutor Portal:
1. Can I view/edit information after I’ve submitted it? You can always change information in tutor and student profiles, student goals, and the student schedule. You cannot view or change tutoring session hours or activity information (i.e. an Activity Report) once you’ve saved it. However,
   a. If you entered fewer hours than you wanted to, submit another Activity Report with just the additional hours in the Time Spent field.
   b. If you entered too many hours or submitted hours more than once, contact VEP.
   c. Activity information can be amended by submitting another Activity Report with zero (0) hours in the Time Spent field. 
   d. If something else needs to be changed, contact VEP via email.

2. Can I change which is the primary email address and phone number for a student or myself? While tutors can change the work and home email addresses and the work, home, and cell phone numbers for your student and yourself, you cannot currently change which of those are designated as the primary ones. We hope to make this function available at a future date.  For now, you can tell which ones are primary for the student by looking at the email address that comes up when you use the Email link and the call link on the Student Homepage. If you need help changing your own primary email address or phone number, please contact VEP via email.

3. Can I save or print data for my records? Each time you submit your student hours and activities, a summary email will be sent to your primary email address. Save this email for your records.  Printing other data for your records is subject to the limitations of the device you are using.

Goal-related Questions:
1. What should I do if we’re working on a goal that's not in the list? First, look for best fit and select that as your goal. Then provide a detailed description of your student’s goal in the Activity field when you submit your hours.

2. When I set a goal to “In Progress”, what’s the best way to let VEP know if we actually started working on that goal sometime in the past? This situation is likely to occur during the months shortly after we began using the Tutor Portal. Since the portal doesn’t let you backdate goal status, the best thing to do is go ahead and set the goal status to “In Progress” and then send an email to VEP to tell staff the actual date that you started working on that goal.

Calling and sending emails from the portal:
1. Why can’t I call VEP or my student from the portal? You must be on a smartphone for the Call links to work. 

2. Why can’t I send an email to VEP or my student from the portal? You must have your web browser’s default email client set up properly in order for the EMAIL links to work. How you do this depends on your web browser, but you should  be able to get the guidance you need if you go in your browser and do a search on “How do I change my web browser’s default email client for mailto links?”

3. How do I return to the Student Homepage, if I've clicked the EMAIL button and then decide not to send the email? Depending on your device, you may need to click your device's Cancel, Discard, or Back button to return to the Student Homepage.

VEP Goals by Category

   Determine Eligibility
   Prepare for Naturalization test
        * Prepare for oral interview
        * Prepare for English reading test
        * Prepare for English written test
        * Prepare for Civics test
   Complete N400 application

   Volunteer/Give back to community
   Understand U.S. culture/customs
   Register to vote
   Participate in community events

   Complete GED
   Enter On-the-Job Training Program
   Pursue Higher Education
   Enter a credential program
   Participate in Lifelong Learning
   Take classes

   Enter Employment	
       * Write resumes/applications
       * Apply/interview for job
       * Obtain driver’s license
       * Compose emails in English
       * Improve computer literacy skills
       * Have access to a phone
   Retain Employment	
       * Improve communication at work
       * Understand employment culture
   Career Advancement	
       * Apply/interview for position/raise
       * Increase English vocabulary
       * Increase communications with others
       * Gain workplace social skills
       * Learn management skills
       * Obtain credentials
       * Keep driver’s license current
   Improve/obtain job skills	
       * Increase time speaking English
       * Obtain commercial driver’s license
       * Obtain credentials
       * Participate in training
   Participate in on-the-job training 	
       * Apply for training
       * Improve everyday communication
       * Speak with supervisor
       * Obtain references
       * Read/Write course content

   Join a library 	
       * Apply for a card
       * Participate in offerings
   Help children with school work	
       * Review homework
       * Practice speaking with children in English
       * Read often to children
       * Use school on-line progress system
   Increase communication with  teachers	
       * Attend conferences
       * Exchange notes with teachers in English
   Help elder family	 
   Help family business	 
   Buy a house	 
   Improve nutrition	 
   Improve financial literacy	

   Increase personal safety/security	
       * Learn to use phone/text/email
       * Speak with neighbors/co-workers
       * Access 2-1-1 services
       * Access 9-1-1/emergency services
       * Learn safe use of internet
       * Obtain a driver’s license
       * Listen to/understand English TV/radio 
   Reduce need for an interpreter 	
       * Learn to use the telephone
       * Learn/improve computer/technical literacy
       * Speak with neighbors/co-workers
       * Access 2-1-1 services
       * Access 9-1-1
       * Publish in Voices/other publications
       * Learn to use email
       * Learn to use the internet
       * Use local library services
       * Obtain a driver’s license
       * Practice speaking/listening in English
   Increase overall self-confidence	
       * Learn to use the telephone
       * Learn/improve computer/technical literacy
       * Learn to use the internet
       * Interact with neighbors/co-workers
       * Improve Pronunciation
       * Listen to/understand English TV/radio
   Improve quality of life	
       * Become a volunteer
       * Help someone else
       * Join a social group (meet up)
       * Join a conversation group
       * Try something new
       * Explore a hobby
       * Keep a journal
   Improve communication skills	
       * Learn/Improve writing skills
       * Learn/Improve reading skills
       * Learn/Improve conversation skills
       * Increase speaking with new people
       * Learn/Improve speaking with family